We Are Brand Architects. We Build Brands. We establish Legacies.

We are a full services advertising agency offering services that range from marketing communications, public relations, branding, and digital marketing.
We are the point where insight meets execution and we bridge the divide between what a brand is now and what it could be in the future. 

We are strategic. We are creative. We are tactical. We are quick to learn. We are able to provide appropriate or suitable creative solutions in the any given circumstance.
We are Apt Communications.

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What we do

  • We Catalyze Brand Engagement and Foster Brand Evangelism.

  • We Transform Brand Mind-Share Into Brand Market-Share.

  • We evolve companies into businesses, businesses into brands, and brands into market leaders and legacies.

  • We provide consummate strategic counsel inspired ingenuity and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

  • We forge dynamic long-term partnerships with orients. We do whatever is necessary to make a consequential contribution to our clients' businesses.

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What makes us different

We Are Accountable. We Are Consequential.
We Are Committed to Making a Difference.

We engender brand preference, passion and evangelism, rather than generic brand promotion. We feel this helps brand break through in the congested marketplace.

We utilize experience and engagement to create brand-centric conversation and storytelling, optimizing brand mind-share

We foster brand preference by driving brand curiosity, interest and inquiry which serves to catalyze brand trial, experience, engagement and advocacy.

We transform brand mind-share into brand market-share by leveraging engagement and affinity to engender advocacy and recommendation.

  • Creativity
  • Brand Creation
  • Media Services
  • Creativity

    Creative advertising that works with one audience might score a zero with another. What really counts is that your target market connects with your message. This is why we build market research into every client’s program. To reduce risk and improve results.

    • Creative Services
    • Advertising Campaigns Brand Creation Collateral Development Direct Response
    • Online Marketing
    • Website Design and Development

  • Brand Creation

    The greatest brand marketing is instinctive and inspired. We believe the most sincere type of branding in born from within. When those traits and characteristics that make an organization great become embedded in its culture, the brand begins to take on a persona of its own. Not unlike those unstoppable fans. From start-up to international, Apt Communications has the experience, talent and resources to revitalize your brand to become more relevant and valuable in an ever changing world.

    Branding Services: • Brand Consulting
    • Competitive Analysis and Positioning Internal and External Brand Research Sweet Spot Brand Positioning
    • Brand Name Generation
    • Creative Themes and Taglines
    • Visual Identity and Logo Design Brand Naming and Taglines

  • Media ROI is all about targeting, placement, and timing.

    Narrow your audience to increase your impact. The most cost-effective advertising medium is the one that reaches your target with maximum efficiency, relevance and impact. We are media agnostic. We have no bias towards any particular media vehicle. Our analysis and recommendations begin and end with your target customer.
    Our experience includes all media including billboards, direct mail, Internet, newspapers, mobile, transit advertising, radio advertising and local network television.

    We begin our Media Buying Smart Process with a thorough examination of your market.

    We then define your target market segments in media terms. Then we begin the analysis and negotiations to build a media plan that surrounds and reaches your audience at the touch points important to them. Not to us. Not to you. Important to your audience.

About Our Team

Team Member

Kojo Oppong Adjei

Managing Director

Kojo Oppong Adjei is the lead partner of Apt Communications. Educated in the University of Ghana.Kojo has over 12years working experience in the Advertising and media industry in Ghana.

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Team Member

Maximus Ametorgoh


Maximus Ametorgoh is a Digital Marketing Strategist ,Social Media Coach, Technology Consultant, Conference Speaker .Workshop Facilitator and Writer.He has worked for both local and global brands in areas of Digital Marketing,Social Media Marketing,App Development, Advertising,Training and Visual Communication.

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Team Member

Ophelia Awusi

Creative Director

Ophelia Awusi is the Creative Director at Apt Communications . In addition to her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), she also has participated in Brand.Design and Identity Class organised by Nana K. Duah of Oxygen.

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